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Real-time notifications handlers.

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Why Noralogix

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Noralogix is Genesys Cloud premium AppFoundry development partners as well as Genesys Cloud partner and client developers. We apply a proprietary skills and Genesys data combined with popular technologies to helps people see and understand data.

Keep your data safe
Microsoft Azure client region hosted and secured
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Powered by our clients
Built by continuously evolving to clients wishes
Real-time data
Assess your call center activity in real time
Interactive charts
Build custom Genesys Cloud reports
Monitoring and reporting

Get a better overview of your call center work, improve efficiency

Our reports give you the ability to easily assess how your business is handling its customer experience as well as monitor the KPIs of your agents.

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Analyze trends and performance

Easily run reports on key metrics like total handle, sla, average talk time, presence statuses.

Filtering by all media types and external organizations. A deep data dive analyzing granularity over a month, week, day or every 15 minutes.

Call center dashboard

Make data-backed decisions

Access all relevant call center performance with raw data. Exporting in all formats what you like PDF, CSV, EXCEL.

Easily track and measure how your customers feel about your service with AI sentiment analysis.

Agent performance

Call center quality score

Minimize training and identify areas for improvement with quality question groups trends.

Easy navigation, drill down from queues score to each agents.

Quality management

Workflow management

With our heatmaps you can see daily trends of the week and then schedule your agents accordingly.

Improve your productivity and reduce staffing costs simplifying forecasting and scheduling.

Workflow management

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Genesys Cloud notifications

Azure Event Grid

Noralogix Microsoft Events is a middle layer application that allows clients to tap into real-time Genesys Cloud data and then execute that data in a format that allows for an immediate reaction or execution.

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Connected to your favorite Business Tools

Why wait for a problem to arise? Be proactive. Get real-time Genesys Cloud data in a way your team will love and rely on every day.

Power Bi
Microsoft Teams
Google Drive
Microsoft Outlook
Azure App Service
Genesys Cloud Real Time

Power BI

Noralogix Power BI Connector for Genesys Cloud is a No-code Data Pipeline that automatically loads real-time live Genesys Cloud data into Power BI for you.

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Simply subscribe to Genesys Cloud notifications topics and use Power BI real time dashboards today.

  • Predefined dashboards templates
  • Don't spend time for complex data pipelines
  • No manual updating required
  • Reactive data analytics
  • Relations between Users, Queues, Wrapups and analytics data
  • Predefined and auto created dataset